Can I Still Claim Bank Charges in 2018

There are two forms of bank charges now that the banks have for a number of years been charging. One is in relation to fees applied when a facility is exceeded or a penalty charge. The other is in relation to fees paid for having a particular type of bank account. This is often referred to as an account packaged account or fee paid account.

In the case of the account packaged fee this can be reclaimed. Why can this be reclaimed I hear you ask! Surely the banks aren’t at it again? Well in short yes they have been, rather than being open and honest with people and saying right everyone you can all pay a fee to have an account they instead chose the murky covert approach. This was to charge a fee and add on supposed benefits, this was the undoing of the banks and has led to yet another investigation and rap on the knuckles by the financial services regulator. Most banks have now changed their accounts and some like Santander do not offer it at all.

Now if you are confused what you can or cannot look at claiming it is the fee of about £10 to £25 paid each month for nonsense like Travel Insurance or Mobile phone cover or such likes. The problems the banks have found themselves in is that again when they got people to change to these accounts from about 2000 onwards they didn’t use the correct sales process which was naughty of them.

We can look and have been successful in looking at obtaining not only a full refund of the charges but also interest and compensatory interest on clients’ accounts spanning the duration of the account. In most cases this can mean a refund of between £1000 and £2000 certainly not an amount to be sniffed at.

Claim Back

Unfair Bank Charges​

No win No Fee

No Original Paperwork or Documents required

If for some reason I am not successful in obtaining a refund regarding your Account Package Charges on the facility then there is nothing to pay. It is purely a No Win No Fee basis so you have nothing to lose, where our fee if successful is 25% including the VAT.

Just to give you some background I have been dealing with bank complaints since 1999 personally following my time in a high street bank. My company operates with a handful of staff and a continuous number of clients so that I personally have time to oversee all of the claims.

To look into any claim all I need is to know the name of the bank you had a bank account with and ideally the account number although this is not essential

Martin Knipe


Recover Your Money Ltd will work hard to uncover and recover any money you may be owed. We will attempt to go back further than most other claims companies, helping our clients to claim back up to 13 years worth of unfair bank charges and our mis-sold PPI clients up to 30 years. Furthermore you will not need to provide any original paperwork or documents to reclaim your bank charges or PPI.