Can I Claim Back PPI if I Live Abroad?

Many clients who live abroad have asked themselves the question, can they recover Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) even if they do not reside in the UK anymore.

In simple terms – the answer is yes, of course they can make a claim.  We have many clients who are based in Europe, the Far East, Australia, Canada and in the US where we correspond with them via email (although we do on occasion need original signatures which clients are more than happy to post back to us, whilst appreciating that some of the postal services abroad are not as robust as those based in the UK).

Indeed some of our clients who are based abroad have made claims where they did not believe that they would be entitled to, as they were no longer domiciled in the UK.  Surprisingly the claims have been quite considerable and surprising painless to deal with.

The reason why we are happy to represent clients abroad is due to the fact that PPI spans such a considerable period of time (of approximately 30 years).  A tremendous number of people who, in the 1980s and 1990s had Payment Protection Insurance when starting off, or when going through the early stages of their career when it was taken and now, following either retirement or a chance at progressing in their lives, they have moved abroad.  However, they still had those facilities in the past.

We are still able to offer a full searching facility for them where, despite them not knowing account numbers or whether the PPI was applied, we can approach the various Lenders to establish if PPI was applied by using their historic UK addresses for them to search.  Once PPI is established, we can then correspond with the various Lenders to look at the sales process that was undertaken and recover the Payment Protection Insurance which was applied.

We work purely on a “No Win No Fee” basis and have been dealing with complaints now for some 18 years.  For our clients who are domiciled abroad, we correspond mainly through email due to ease, and in some cases to cover the various time zones which do not make any other forms of contact particularly relevant.  This is, as stated before, very successful.  A number of our clients have received considerable refunds which they were not expecting.  We have clients mainly in Spain and France, but also those in the Armed Services in Germany.  Further afield, we have a number of clients who are based in Thailand as well as Australia and New Zealand.  On the other side of the Atlantic we have clients who are based in the US and a considerable number that are based in Canada.

There is no reason why being abroad should inhibit your belief in looking at recovering what is potentially rightfully yours.  It is essential, if you have not already made a claim and you do fit within the category of not living in the UK at this point in time, to contact ourselves with your details so that we can begin the process to establish if any monies are due to be refunded to you.

The PPI scandal has refunded so far £25billion, of which probably only a small proportion has been refunded in relation to those people living abroad.  Therefore, to address this imbalance, it is essential that you contact us so that we may start to look at the Payment Protection Insurance you could well have paid in the past to date.

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