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PPI Claims Companies reviews are always important to see when looking at which PPI Claims Company you wish to oversee any potential claim that you may have with regard to Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), or any other claim at that.  Primarily, after PPI, this would be in relation to Packaged Bank Accounts (PBA), but there are also a whole host of other types of complaints that one can take forward to a Bank that can be represented and dealt with by a Claims Management Company.

The reason why it is important to read Claims Management reviews is that these reviews are coming from the people who have used them in the past.  Of course, like any review, you have to read between the lines sometimes and see whether it is a genuine problem.  If it is a negative reply, for example, or whether someone has a particular gripe and the company has not done anything wrong, but it is the client who either will not accept the position or is potentially at fault.  However, the Claims Management Industry does not generally have a good reputation – and quite rightly so!  Many of the Firms involved will unfortunately undertake unscrupulous ways of obtaining clients.  This can be by way of phone calls and text messages, as well as other ways of hassling people (which is completely wrong).  We believe that anything to do with people’s finances must be dealt with by the individual themselves.  They must make direct contact with the Claims Firm to establish whether they wish to choose them or not.  They should not be coerced or cajoled into using any particular Firm, particularly when it comes to matters of finance.

In addition, in establishing if a Claims Management Company can look after your requirements, you should see who you are dealing with, and make some sort of contact with them.  This can either be by telephone, or more probably by email, as you can see from the sort of response whether you are going to get an individual who has some experience in dealing with financial institutions or merely someone who just deals with claims and does not really understand the background of finance whatsoever.  Many of these Firms are sizeable, and there must be a question mark on their experience in dealing with financial institutions, particularly when it comes to claims which are slightly out of the ordinary, as most claims of today will be.  This is because a majority of people do not have specific information in relation to PPI to confirm whether it was applied or not.  They rarely have any form of paperwork or even knowledge of whether PPI was applied, and they certainly will not have account numbers or any of those details.  Invariably, most people do not realise that they have had PPI – particularly on those facilities which have been closed and long forgotten about.

Therefore, it is essential that you satisfy yourself that the Firm that you instruct to undertake a claim on your behalf can deal with the claim, and has experience in dealing with lenders and financial institutions and are not just some large Firm which will treat you as another number.

As a business, we have been dealing with complaints with our Principal Director since the late 1990s, following his time in a main High Street Bank in various roles.  As such we have tremendous experience in overseeing all complaints.  We do not proactively contact clients for new business.  We wait for people to contact us, either through our websites or through recommendations, where we receive a huge number of new clients to act for.

We specialise in dealing with cases where there is no information or records of PPI being taken.  We use our experience in dealing with Banks, and also in the Banks and their structures, to obtain this information.  Although there is never any guarantee, we work purely on a “No Win No Fee” basis. This protects our clients should we, for some reason, be unsuccessful in locating PPI or if we are unsuccessful in obtaining a refund on a client’s behalf.

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