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PPI claims solicitors do not really exist, in that legal firms tend to sub-contract out any work to Claims Management Companies as they are better placed to deal with the Banks direct, and have different regulatory bodies so as not to ensure there is no conflict of interest with the solicitors and regulators.

Claims Management Companies have sprung up in recent years, and probably since 2007, following their greatest surge when dealing with reclaiming Bank Charges.  This followed on by the recovery of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), which a vast majority of Claims Management Companies undertake.  These companies are regulated by the Ministry of Justice Claims Regulation Unit.  In order to qualify to deal with claims on behalf of clients against Financial Institutions, they must have complied and fulfilled various requirements so as to maintain their authorisation or “CRM” number.

Despite the regulations, there are many Claims Companies that have a poor reputation in dealing with clients.  Therefore if you do decide to use one, it is important that you do some research before employing one.  The most important aspect is to make sure that they are regulated by the claims regulator.  This can be easily established as they have to provide a claims number to you that will confirm this.  The number will start off with “CRM” and invariably have 5 digits after it.  This is not, however, the rubber stamp of a professional and trustworthy organisation.  Therefore, you should do a little more digging to make sure you are absolutely happy with the company you have employed.  You can do this by doing a quick search on them and look at any reviews that they may have had, and how these will reflect on the work that you wish them to undertake on your behalf.

Our “pet hate” is cold-calling from the claims companies, which we do not agree with.  Therefore, if you have been cold-called or sent an unrequested email or some other form of contact, such as text message or SMS message, then do not reply to this but do some research and choose a firm that you are happy with – not one that contacts you.  Many of the firms that make direct contact are usually after your details, and do not necessarily look at your best interests.

We believe that the best way to run a Claims Management Company is to offer a very good service to clients by primarily fighting the Bank (after establishing that whatever the lender has done was incorrect) and to make sure that the client has the best possible conclusion to any complaint.

We do not believe in charging upfront fees or fees in the event there is no success.

We do not believe that clients should be harassed by sales people once their details have been obtained.

We do not agree with the selling-on of any information that we have on a client to other third parties.

Our business ethos is fairly straightforward, which is why all of our clients approach us direct or are recommended from other clients that we have helped in the past.

Our ethos is that:-

1.            We will work with you to establish whatever your complaint is regarding, and thereafter make a subsequent claim.

2.            We will obtain information (that many other Claim Management Companies are unable to recover) due to our experience and desire – regardless of how long it takes to establish if a claim is in place.

3.            We only charge a fee if successful.  This is 25% including VAT of anything recovered.

4.            If there is no refund, or success with the claim, then there is no fee to be paid by you.

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